Introducing CPEmulator. If your wondering if CPPS.me is down, CPEmulator is CPPS.me reborn! Started about a month ago. Has lots of users. Only 2 servers. Blizzard and TestServer. The fruit party just started today! Don’t miss it! Here’s some pictures : 

Back to the CPPS. Highly recommended. Links : Play / Register / Home

Note : You need to use backslash instead of exclamation point for commands. Example : /ai 403.

So, Stay tuned folks!

This is Stomp, signing out.

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New Editor – Introducing Myself – Stomp


What’s that sound? Oh Yeah, it’s a sound of a new Editor!

Hi people of CPPSCheatsAndTips, I’m Stomp.

I’m going to assist you here at CPPSCheatsAndTips for a while!  I used to be an author here in 2010. I’m the owner of HeroCP and Penguin Planet, But they’re dead. I have lot’s of blogs to assist, But I’ll stick with this one for a while. I’ll be posting everything CPPS like! Polls, Videos, forums,blogs and more! Oh, I also  make my “signature” every time I end a post so make sure to check it out!

Stay tuned folks!

This is Stomp, signing out.

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Selling CPPSCheatsAndTips!

Message from Romtoc: I am sorry, you are not allowed to sell this website. I have demoted you to prevent unauthorized posting once your account will be sold.

Well I don’t have as much time as I used to so I have decided to sell it. Trust me, it took allot of thinking! It comes with the website which has over 175,000 unique visitors and it also comes with my wordpress account and any other websites that I was on or made.
Bidding Starts at $10. Highest Bid wins. You can bid by email at crosbyfan7@live.ca. I will update this topic daily incase anybody else bids a higher price.
The website is sold when somebody bids a price and nobody else bids a new one for three days.
Get bidding!


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Hey guys! Parker back from my vacation! Make sure to get over to Jacks! It’s the best forum on the web! Link: http://pepzi.in/index.php

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Hey guys, today I wanted to let everybody know that today I am leaving for a vacation! So I will not be posting while I am on my vacation. I am leaving today and coming back on august 16th. I just wanted to let everybody know!

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qCPPS Down Again and Possibly Over?

Hey guys, Cr4K here today with some shocking news! qCPPS is down again due to it’s vps being hacked! Here is a quote on the website:

Cavedweller:  bye! ChriS, owner of airohash.com [don’t play] removed everything on our vps. don’t play airoCP.
EDIT BY CHRIS: No, I did not delete anything, f**k you. PM me if you want proof I didn’t touch it. Also, play! It’s awesome. ❤

What to think of this? Please fill out this poll:

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qCPPS Back+ Updates!

qCPPS is back but you will have to re-register sadly. It also now has a new custom town and moods!

Play now at: http://cpps.hopto.org/play/

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