qCPPS Servers Down!

Hey guys Cr4K here and the qCPPS servers are down! It is not because of bad hosting, it’s because of personal problem. I quote from cavedweller(owner of qCPPS)

Dear users of Rile5,

It has been a tremendous journey with all of you. I will sincerely miss all of you in your own special ways. I was Teamviewing with Sharl this morning and I somehow lost control of my PC. I saw sharl going to a download link… the file name was cheat.exe… Sharl told me there was a rat on my PC. I thought we were friends.  He is a betrayer in my book.

I apologize for any grammar mistakes; sharl has gotten into my webcam and is threatening to release a video of it. I am typing with one hand, as I am covering the webcam with my other hand.

If anyone would like to help me, there isn’t much time at hand.

Some members that  I really enjoyed while I was here:

plus a couple more.

Good-bye, my friends.


P.S: http://youtube.com/user/heyman6565 <– my youtube.

I just wanna say to sharl, leave the friggin community already!

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