Furniture Ids

Hi guys! If the cpps your on works with furniture then your in luck! The command to add furniture is !af

Here are IDs.

ID: 1, Name: Pink Chair
ID: 2, Name: Pink Beanbag Chair
ID: 3, Name: Pink Table
ID: 4, Name: Pink Dresser
ID: 5, Name: Pink Lamp
ID: 6, Name: Pink Sofa
ID: 10, Name: Log Chair
ID: 11, Name: Log Bench
ID: 12, Name: Log Drawers
ID: 13, Name: Log Stump
ID: 14, Name: Log Table
ID: 21, Name: Blue Chair
ID: 22, Name: Blue Bench
ID: 23, Name: Blue Bookcase
ID: 24, Name: Blue Table
ID: 25, Name: Blue Deck Chair
ID: 26, Name: Blue Lamp
ID: 31, Name: Coffee Tree
ID: 32, Name: Coffee Couch
ID: 33, Name: Coffee Table
ID: 34, Name: Java Bag
ID: 41, Name: Book Room Couch
ID: 42, Name: Book Room Lamp
ID: 43, Name: Arm Chair
ID: 46, Name: Dinner Table
ID: 47, Name: Dinner Chair
ID: 51, Name: Snow Chair
ID: 52, Name: Snow Couch
ID: 53, Name: Snow Clump
ID: 54, Name: Ice Table
ID: 55, Name: Penguin Ice Sculpture
ID: 56, Name: Snow Deck Chair
ID: 57, Name: Knight Ice Sculpture
ID: 58, Name: Snowman
ID: 59, Name: Sled
ID: 61, Name: Princess Armoire
ID: 62, Name: Princess Vanity
ID: 63, Name: Princess Throne
ID: 65, Name: Mermaid Vanity
ID: 66, Name: Shell Chair
ID: 67, Name: Mermaid Clock
ID: 71, Name: Fridge
ID: 72, Name: Barbecue
ID: 73, Name: Electric Stove
ID: 74, Name: Pantry
ID: 75, Name: Kitchen Sink
ID: 76, Name: Folding Chair
ID: 77, Name: Umbrella
ID: 78, Name: Beach Ball
ID: 79, Name: Whale Inflatable
ID: 80, Name: Dragon Inflatable
ID: 81, Name: Bamboo Couch
ID: 82, Name: Bamboo Chair
ID: 83, Name: Bamboo Table
ID: 84, Name: Torch
ID: 85, Name: Palm Tree
ID: 91, Name: Green Chair
ID: 92, Name: Green Bench
ID: 93, Name: Green Bookcase
ID: 94, Name: Green Vase
ID: 95, Name: Green Deck Chair
ID: 96, Name: Green Plush Couch
ID: 97, Name: Green Chair
ID: 99, Name: Superhero Stage Poster
ID: 100, Name: Moose Head
ID: 101, Name: Aquarium
ID: 102, Name: Speaker
ID: 103, Name: Large Cactus
ID: 104, Name: Small Cactus
ID: 105, Name: Wood Cabinet
ID: 106, Name: Mona Lisa
ID: 107, Name: Recycle Bin
ID: 108, Name: Welcome Mat
ID: 109, Name: Big Screen TV
ID: 110, Name: Tombstone
ID: 111, Name: Happy Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 112, Name: Goofy Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 113, Name: Sad Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 114, Name: Spiderweb
ID: 115, Name: Silly Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 116, Name: Puffle Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 117, Name: Cauldron
ID: 118, Name: Pipe Organ
ID: 119, Name: Candelabra
ID: 120, Name: Pumpkin Lights
ID: 130, Name: Christmas Tree
ID: 131, Name: Christmas Wreath
ID: 132, Name: Fireplace
ID: 133, Name: Small Christmas Tree
ID: 134, Name: Christmas Lights
ID: 135, Name: Giant Candy Cane
ID: 136, Name: Wood Stove
ID: 137, Name: Candle Stick
ID: 138, Name: Nutcracker
ID: 139, Name: Door Garland
ID: 140, Name: Presents
ID: 143, Name: Plush Gray Chair
ID: 144, Name: Watering Can
ID: 145, Name: Rare Flower Pot
ID: 146, Name: Wood Bench
ID: 147, Name: Fan
ID: 148, Name: Lamp
ID: 149, Name: Piata
ID: 150, Name: Lava Lamp
ID: 151, Name: Oval Rug
ID: 152, Name: Rectangle Rug
ID: 153, Name: Coat Rack
ID: 154, Name: Grandfather Clock
ID: 155, Name: Modern Art
ID: 156, Name: Teddy Bear
ID: 157, Name: Student Desk
ID: 158, Name: Sunset Painting
ID: 159, Name: LCD HD-TV
ID: 160, Name: Green Rug
ID: 161, Name: Green Oval Rug
ID: 162, Name: Small House Plant
ID: 163, Name: Party Fountian
ID: 164, Name: Stereo
ID: 165, Name: Wooden Crate
ID: 166, Name: Mullet Fish
ID: 167, Name: Large House Plant
ID: 168, Name: Wall Clock
ID: 169, Name: Mexican Rug
ID: 170, Name: Pink Balloon
ID: 171, Name: Blue Balloon
ID: 172, Name: Yellow Balloon
ID: 173, Name: Red Balloon
ID: 174, Name: Green Balloon
ID: 175, Name: Party Banner
ID: 176, Name: Birthday Cake
ID: 177, Name: Dance Floor
ID: 178, Name: Jukebox
ID: 180, Name: Umbrella Table
ID: 181, Name: White Plastic Chair
ID: 182, Name: Lounging Deck Chair
ID: 183, Name: Surf Beach Towel
ID: 184, Name: Curved Desk
ID: 185, Name: Classroom Desk
ID: 186, Name: Wall Chalkboard
ID: 187, Name: Classroom Chair
ID: 250, Name: Barrel
ID: 251, Name: Piano
ID: 252, Name: Piano Bench
ID: 253, Name: Single Wall Light
ID: 254, Name: Double Wall Light
ID: 260, Name: Toy Train
ID: 261, Name: Chalk Board
ID: 270, Name: Purple Plastic Chair
ID: 271, Name: Purple Plastic Lawn Chair
ID: 272, Name: Purple Beanbag Chair
ID: 273, Name: Purple Coffee Table
ID: 274, Name: Purple Lava Lamp
ID: 275, Name: Purple Couch
ID: 280, Name: Snowboard Rack
ID: 281, Name: Dart Board
ID: 282, Name: Ski Rack
ID: 283, Name: Red CP Pennant
ID: 284, Name: Blue CP Pennant
ID: 285, Name: Straight Racetrack Piece
ID: 286, Name: Curved Racetrack Piece
ID: 287, Name: Badminton Net
ID: 288, Name: Bench
ID: 289, Name: Cricket Wickets
ID: 290, Name: Basketball Net
ID: 291, Name: Score Board
ID: 292, Name: Hockey Net
ID: 293, Name: Weight Bench
ID: 294, Name: Treadmill
ID: 295, Name: Pommel Horse
ID: 296, Name: Red Gym Mat
ID: 297, Name: Blue Gym Mat
ID: 298, Name: Tube
ID: 299, Name: Court Lines
ID: 300, Name: Exercise Ball
ID: 301, Name: Exercise Bike
ID: 302, Name: Home Plate
ID: 303, Name: Base
ID: 304, Name: Globe
ID: 305, Name: Treasure Chest
ID: 306, Name: Ship In A Bottle
ID: 307, Name: Pink Flamingo
ID: 308, Name: Porthole
ID: 309, Name: Captain’s Wheel
ID: 310, Name: Wall Map
ID: 311, Name: Penguin Monument
ID: 312, Name: Pirate Ship
ID: 313, Name: Jolly Roger Flag
ID: 314, Name: Camping Chair
ID: 315, Name: Picnic Table
ID: 316, Name: Lanterns
ID: 317, Name: Fire Pit
ID: 318, Name: Sleeping Bag
ID: 319, Name: Bunk Bed
ID: 330, Name: Red Coffee Table
ID: 331, Name: Red Plush Couch
ID: 332, Name: Red Chair
ID: 333, Name: Book Case
ID: 334, Name: Red Bean Bag Chair
ID: 335, Name: Plastic Deck Chair
ID: 336, Name: Terracotta Sun
ID: 337, Name: Terracotta Pot
ID: 338, Name: Terracotta Pitcher
ID: 339, Name: Terracotta Vase
ID: 340, Name: Mexican Vase
ID: 341, Name: Medieval Banner
ID: 342, Name: Wall Torch
ID: 343, Name: Royal Throne
ID: 344, Name: Ficus Plant
ID: 345, Name: Snake Grass
ID: 346, Name: Flower Planter
ID: 347, Name: Vacuum
ID: 348, Name: Broom
ID: 349, Name: Mop & Bucket
ID: 350, Name: Drum Kit
ID: 351, Name: Shoe Rack
ID: 352, Name: CD Rack
ID: 353, Name: Microphone
ID: 354, Name: DJ Table
ID: 355, Name: Concert Lights
ID: 356, Name: Pop Art Painting
ID: 357, Name: Starry Night Painting
ID: 358, Name: Cooler
ID: 359, Name: Pink Plastic Castle
ID: 360, Name: Clam
ID: 361, Name: Sea Weed
ID: 362, Name: Inflatable Chair
ID: 363, Name: Inflatable Sofa
ID: 364, Name: Security Camera
ID: 365, Name: Blender
ID: 366, Name: Ferris Wheel Couch
ID: 367, Name: Circus Ball
ID: 368, Name: Picket Fence
ID: 369, Name: Penguin Gnome
ID: 370, Name: Garden
ID: 371, Name: Wheelbarrow
ID: 372, Name: Waves
ID: 373, Name: Orange Banner
ID: 374, Name: Green Banner
ID: 375, Name: Purple Banner
ID: 376, Name: Regal Chair
ID: 377, Name: Chess Castle
ID: 378, Name: Chess Knight
ID: 390, Name: Cash Register
ID: 391, Name: Easel
ID: 392, Name: Penguin Band Poster
ID: 393, Name: Orange Inflatable Sofa
ID: 394, Name: Orange Inflatable Chair
ID: 400, Name: Zeus Stage Poster
ID: 401, Name: Peppy Stage Poster
ID: 402, Name: Tate Stage Poster
ID: 403, Name: Space Stage Poster
ID: 410, Name: Harp
ID: 411, Name: Disco Ball
ID: 412, Name: Music Stand
ID: 413, Name: Guitar Stand
ID: 414, Name: Band Stage
ID: 415, Name: Quarter Note
ID: 416, Name: Eighth Note
ID: 417, Name: Treble Clef
ID: 418, Name: Wall Speakers
ID: 420, Name: Life Ring
ID: 421, Name: Wall Net
ID: 422, Name: Rockhopper Portrait
ID: 423, Name: Lifeboat
ID: 424, Name: Steering Wheel
ID: 425, Name: Desert Island
ID: 426, Name: Coins For Change Banner
ID: 430, Name: Stainless Steel Stove
ID: 431, Name: Stainless Steel Fridge
ID: 432, Name: Corner Booth Seat
ID: 433, Name: Straight Booth Seat
ID: 434, Name: Coffee Maker
ID: 435, Name: Pizza Oven
ID: 440, Name: Popcorn Machine
ID: 441, Name: Ticket Booth
ID: 442, Name: Red Carpet
ID: 443, Name: Velvet Rope
ID: 444, Name: Blue Curtain
ID: 450, Name: Laboratory Desk
ID: 451, Name: Overhead Light
ID: 452, Name: Plasma Ball
ID: 453, Name: Seismograph
ID: 454, Name: Control Terminal
ID: 455, Name: Moving Eye Painting
ID: 460, Name: Stone Lantern
ID: 461, Name: Rice Paper Wall Screen
ID: 470, Name: Christmas Ribbon
ID: 471, Name: Leaning Tree
ID: 472, Name: Wall Snowflake
ID: 473, Name: Wrought Iron Lamp Post
ID: 474, Name: Stocking
ID: 475, Name: Wooden Reindeer
ID: 480, Name: Snow Wall
ID: 481, Name: Sloped Snow Wall
ID: 482, Name: Snow Fortress Wall
ID: 483, Name: Snow Arch
ID: 484, Name: Snow Tower
ID: 485, Name: Icicles
ID: 486, Name: Snowy Tree
ID: 487, Name: Small Rock
ID: 488, Name: Penguin Mask
ID: 489, Name: Wall Gecko
ID: 490, Name: Mexican Blanket
ID: 491, Name: Hand Weights
ID: 492, Name: Climbing Wall
ID: 493, Name: Stacking Washer and Dryer
ID: 494, Name: Map Area Rug
ID: 495, Name: Ironing Board
ID: 496, Name: Astro Barrier Poster
ID: 497, Name: Thin Ice Poster
ID: 500, Name: Yellow Puffle Poster
ID: 501, Name: Blue Puffle Poster
ID: 502, Name: Red Puffle Poster
ID: 503, Name: Green Puffle Poster
ID: 504, Name: Black Puffle Poster
ID: 505, Name: Pink Puffle Poster
ID: 506, Name: Purple Puffle Poster
ID: 507, Name: White Puffle Poster
ID: 511, Name: Supernova Shadow Box
ID: 512, Name: Shadow Guy Shadow Box
ID: 513, Name: Gamma Gal Shadow Box
ID: 514, Name: Accoustic Guitar Shadow Box
ID: 515, Name: Electric Guitar Shadow Box
ID: 516, Name: Formal Table
ID: 517, Name: Formal Chair
ID: 520, Name: Tennis Net
ID: 521, Name: Pitcher’s Mound
ID: 522, Name: Tennis Court
ID: 525, Name: Tea Table
ID: 526, Name: Large Box
ID: 527, Name: Medium Box
ID: 528, Name: Small Box
ID: 529, Name: Portal Box
ID: 200, Name: Blue Bed
ID: 201, Name: Pink Bed
ID: 202, Name: Gray Bed
ID: 203, Name: Green Bed
ID: 204, Name: Gray Puffle House
ID: 205, Name: Brown Puffle House
ID: 206, Name: Pink Puffle House
ID: 207, Name: Blue Puffle House
ID: 208, Name: Green Puffle House
ID: 209, Name: Purple Puffle House
ID: 210, Name: Small Scratching Post
ID: 211, Name: Large Scratching Post
ID: 212, Name: Water Dish
ID: 213, Name: Fish Bowl
ID: 214, Name: Water Bottle
ID: 215, Name: Running Wheel
ID: 216, Name: Turtle Bowl
ID: 217, Name: Bird Cage
ID: 218, Name: Puffle Tree
ID: 219, Name: Puffle Tent
ID: 220, Name: Puffle Condo
ID: 221, Name: Purple Bed
ID: 222, Name: Red Bed
ID: 223, Name: Red Puffle House
ID: 224, Name: Scratch Tower
ID: 225, Name: Double Dish
ID: 226, Name: Puffle Igloo
ID: 227, Name: Yellow Bed
ID: 228, Name: Yellow Puffle House
ID: 229, Name: Koi Pond
ID: 230, Name: Green Birdhouse
ID: 231, Name: Blue Birdhouse

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  3. john says:

    dude thats not all……can u add more

  4. I do trust all of the ideas you have presented in your post. They are really convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for newbies. May just you please extend them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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    Thanks.. But whats the ID for the coat rack?

  11. Blair says:

    THis is REALLY COOOOOOOOOL!!! But please tell me what do we write before the code?
    Like !ai 162 and others are for the clothes so what is for the furniture????

  12. Daniel says:

    Guys you say !af (id) like for example !af 74 to get pantry

  13. candypie88 says:

    what is the code for the dance floor??

  14. ana says:

    Parker whats the code for the coffee table?

  15. katie says:

    This doesn’t work. I don’t like this!!

  16. katie says:

    I would like some help…. These codes don’t seem to be working for me. I’ve tried and tried but nothing. Is there a solution to this? Please Reply

  17. Kim says:

    I am grateful for all the furniture you put but if it isnt a problem could you please put more? I would really like that and Im sure other people would as well. Thank you, please reply

  18. darkjun77 says:

    whats the code for those carboard waves?

  19. Candy says:

    what is the code for the lockers??

  20. remus says:

    i did !furniture but dosent work

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