Status: Offline

Play: play.romtoc.net

Register: romtoc.net/register

Website: http://romtoc.net/wordpress



Status: Offline

Homepage Register Play



Status: Offline

Homepage Register Play



Status: Offline

Homepage Register Play



Status: Offline

Homepage – Register – Play


-Penguin Strobe-

Status: Offline

Register: http://penguinstrobe.wordpress.com/register/

Website: http://penguinstrobe.wordpress.com/


-Atlantic Penguin-

Status: Online

Play: http://atlanticpenguin.com/play

Register: http://atlanticpenguin.com/register

Website: http://atlanticpenguin.com/



Status: Offline

Play: http://icpps.com/play

Register: http://icpps.com/register

Website: http://icpps.com/


-Penguin Chow- (Hamachi)

Status: Offline



Site: http://penguinchow.wordpress.com/



Status: Offline

Website: SSPcheats.tk


-Penguin Island-

Status: Offline

Play: http://www.archiezone.co.uk:999/play/

Register: http://archiezone.co.uk:999/register.php

Website: http://ipenguinisland.co.cc/



Status: Offline

Register: http://clubpenguindisco.weebly.com/register.html

Play: http://playcpdisco.weebly.com/index.html

Website: http://clubpenguindisco.weebly.com/index.html


-Penguin Fire-

Status: Offline

Website: http://ipenguinfire.wordpress.com/



Status: Offline

Play: http://www.cpbroadcast.com/h4-club-penguin-private-server

Register: http://cpcsy.co.cc/register/

Website: http://www.cpbroadcast.com/



Status: Offline

Play: http://penguinoasis.info/play/

Register: http://penguinoasis.info/register

Website: http://penguinoasis.info/



Status: Offline

Website: http://cpstreet.yolasite.com/






Comment Below For Your CPPS To Be Added.

65 Responses to CPPS List

  1. agent2482 says:

    Hey guys i ve got a cpps coming out its called penguindrone please put it on to this website and heres the link penguindrone.wordpress.com please put it on the website and its coming soon

  2. Jeff says:

    I can’t obviously make authors since I’m just an editor,ask Dylan or Nihalic.

  3. cpwolfs12 says:

    hi im making a cpps called penguin elmentits gonna be SO CUSTOM here is 2 new diffrent senseis mr hanky the christmas shit and tazboi shit sensei and pie sensei

  4. xMeowx says:

    U forgot out Penguin Strobe the website for it is penguinstrobe.wordpress.com im not sure if its going to be out soon but they said it well, -NOT CERTAIN- kthnxbai

  5. bbderty says:

    theres one called penguin trillion and it has WORKING GAMES!!!!! Anyway put it on if u havent already

  6. Mark says:

    to whom it may concern,
    Can i be an author or any high position

  7. Mark says:

    My one is CPCM but its not fully complete yet.

  8. d0pe says:

    Just saying, uniqueCP is completely back online.

  9. Gman says:

    cpv2 sucks i was just on it and i was banned!

  10. ((((( BASS ))))) says:

    guys dont play cpv3 because the owner will bann you >:|

  11. giulian2cpcheats says:

    There’s one I’m making penguinpartyv2.wordpress.com

  12. kyle says:

    this is a cpps cold http.//youtube

  13. dodong2004 says:

    pls put ultimatepenguin v2
    pls chris

  14. Abdpaper says:

    Website: Penguincopscpps.weebly.com
    Register: Penguincopscpps.weebly.com/register/

    Will anyone help me code play?


  15. Error says:

    Hello, Im Error im creating a CPPS please fell free to visit my website.

    (Ps. Staff could my website please be posted on the frunt page?)


    • Chelsmford1 says:

      hi can i be med on your new cpps or an admin please if theres a spot for anything i would love it ill be fine if im not but thx anyway your cpps looks great cant wait for it to come out

  16. Nicey10 says:

    theres a private server named cpps me please add it link is cpps.me

  17. Drinkingwolf says:

    Hey im working on 2 cppses penguinmagic, and orchestrapenguin (well kind of cppses there more like there own game) there not out yet but i would like it if you posted it on your site thanks.

    • Leppy says:

      Hey,I have a cpps do I would love if you could contact me about who put ur register up as my friend Pie And I are making a cpps, if you do so you will http://lepiecp.wordpress.com/ get place in staff here’s link’s. and heres xat
      Piegirl is the other creator and me we would be greatful if you helped us and yes you will get staff like I Said.So email me cuz Im not on this site alot even though its awesome here’s my emai:finoladunphy@yahoo.co.uk we already have a facebook,and youtube but here’s the cpp’s email:LePieCp@gmail.com
      So,yeah comment on xat email or on the site contact me and tell the person made register to vist it or if was yo then:) Awesome! Btw your cpps look’s great;)

  18. dancingboys says:

    penguinpuffle.weebly.com new cpps

  19. dancingboys says:

    my new vorsion penguinpufflev2.weebly.com

  20. iZane says:

    Hello, Peny Created A CPPS Called MusicCP. The Link Is mCPPS.co.nr All Credits Go To Peny.
    Thanks -Zane

  21. AliandaOnClubPenguin says:

    u forgot penguin city

  22. dancingboys says:

    you forget my cpps penguinpufflev2.weebly.com

  23. dancingboys says:

    can you add my cpps penguinpufflev2.weebly.com

  24. dancingboys says:

    can you add my cpps penguinpufflev2.weebly.com
    register: sexygirl working on it

  25. dancingboys says:

    ultimate penguin has retorn

  26. dancingboys says:

    plz post the ultimate penguinv2 ultimatepenguin.me

  27. reuben755 says:

    i made a cpps known as SnowyCpps. you can only download it, coz i dont have VPS
    pls host it for me anyone if you guys can 🙂

  28. rop123 says:

    Xcpps is online link xcpps.eu

  29. dancingboys says:

    ultimatepenguin back up

  30. Nalini2011 says:

    penguinclub.info is a cpps! 😉

  31. Superpin3049 says:

    pengable is a new cpps though the commands DO NOT work becasue a bug is atacking but online

  32. Nobody says:

    Where is Pengminal??????

  33. Waddler452 says:

    :p there is only 1 cpps online in ur list 😦 😛 😦 😛

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