New CPPS: Pengminal

Hey guys, I bring you another CPPS to you today called Pengminal. It is owned by Roky/Zurge and he is a very good designer. The CPPS is very custom and could definitely make it far. Here are some pics and other features:

Your own bots:

Working Igloos:

Working Moods:

A Working Custom Newspaper:

And last, Working Postcards:

I’m sure more features are still coming soon!




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3 Responses to New CPPS: Pengminal

  1. alexindronilo says:

    zimi buddy and me a club penguin super populated and be awesome but not that classic!! or if you give Sami a member on club penguin beak of Classic!

  2. Zoey says:

    I’m mod

  3. Termate says:

    Who can helps me I don’t can enter in any Virtual Worlds like or Pengimal.

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