New CPPS: Matt’s Private Server

Hey guys, a new cpps came out today and it is called “Matt’s Private Server.” It is basically just another average cpps. Here is a pic:




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8 Responses to New CPPS: Matt’s Private Server

  1. sonic says:

    i love this cpps you can say !up gary and be gary without having to be a modrator!!!!

    • Jadey :) says:

      Yeh! Thats just like alot of cpps`s I know (AP Does it, and this!) Its cool 🙂 My username is `Jadeymc`if ya meet me on it say: Jadey said Hi 🙂

  2. Nobody says:

    Hey, I was on this game at night, then Kope (or something) keep showing pictures at everyone’s screen. It was annoying. He’s not staff or owner or anything. I hate him! haha. I still play it though, cause its fun.

  3. Random says:

    You can in too You can be the penguin band members, cadence, PH and all other mascots. You can also dress up as the moderators.

  4. [GM]BotPenguin says:

    neah! is noob

  5. TheLolz says:

    i love cpps!

  6. lila says:

    its not letting me get in O_o

  7. im bored says:

    sup i ❤ CPPS on any private server i will be lolzforeva or pinkeedoo4

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