A sad day!

Today Nickname1 officially released to the public that hes closing ServerX. He is also leaving the community. So it’s a sad for everybody as a good cpps closes, and a nice guy leaves the community. I just want to say, I will miss you old friend.

~ Parker

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6 Responses to A sad day!

  1. Owzy says:

    Can u advertise Penguin Sentex?

  2. dancingboys says:

    there was a sad day owzy

  3. reuben755 says:

    i made a cpps known as SnowyCpps can you put it up?

  4. reuben755 says:

    Its called SnowCpps(SCPPS is the short form).Sometimes the loader works,but sometimes it just shows a blank screen.Can you help me? link to download my cpps is:


    • Parker says:

      Go on youtube and look up how to make a club penguin private server and watch then one by cntfeelmc
      ~ Parker

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