4 Things

Alright guys. Well all I need to say right now is 4 things. 1. You may not get like a new cpps every week because not as many people are coming out with them. 2. Holy stats! We beat our previous record of 655 for 780 in one day. 3. Pretty soon I’m going to contact Dylanfitz(TheCreator) and ask him to make me admin again so I can get some active staff. Last but not least, I am broke right now but I would really like to release PenguinXD v3. So if you would like to make any type of donation, email me at crosbyfan7@live.ca

~ Parker

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2 Responses to 4 Things

  1. Nihalic says:

    … i got alot of cpps but i cnat post because im follower ….

  2. aquabluejet says:

    Im glad this cpps cheats site is still alive, Its the only one I go to, to find all my furniture items :p.
    And if you’re tired of this menu, theres this really cool one called digg3 :3.

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