SnailCP Gone :(

Well just like iCP, SnailCP is ending forever. It has been shutdown.

I quote this message from the homepage:


SnailCP Had More Deaths Before, But It Has Came To An Reall End.

Ive Been P****d,Upset,Nightmares And More Importantly Because Of That Is That Peny Made A Deal With Tent.

I Quit The CPPS Community.

Peny Said:

Well It Has Came to an end?

Please Go And Get Peny at

Oh and f*** tents a**.

And He Doesnt Believe, Theres No One To Help Me. Everyone Hates Me. Well U Haters U Win 😦 I QUIT!”

It’s very sad 😦

~ Parker

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4 Responses to SnailCP Gone :(

  1. Nikolaaa1 says:

    SnailCP Is Back Online!

  2. nikolaaa2 says:
    Sorry I Had To Comment On Nikolaaa2.

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