Hey,guys well this something way more important than cpps its Football! Well did you watch the recent games for NFC nor AFC? If you did for the NFC Giants(9-7) and Falcons(10-7) Giants win it 24-2. AFC Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers? Broncos win 29-23 in Overtime. Super Bowl Champs Green Bay Packers(15-1) and NY Giants(9-7) Giants win it! 37-20. Patriots and Broncos Patriots cream the Broncos 45-10.Now lets not forgot our friend the Texans and Ravens.Ravens win 20-13. Saints and 49ers. Saints So close 49ers win 36-32 against Giants. Ravens and Patriots. Who will advance to the Super Bowl? Patriots win it 23-20. Giants and 49ers. 17-17 for mostly whole game. Who will go against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIV(46).Game goes into overtime.The winning kick by Tynes(#9) makes Giants win the game 20-17.Patriots and Giants Super Bowl XLII(42) rematch! Tam Brady I mean Tom Brady and his Patriots and Eli Manning and his Giants go to Eli Manning brother’s backyard in Indianapolis, Indiana Lucas Oil Stadium. Who will be the winner of Super Bowl XLIV? Here are some videos to see to your supporting for the super bowl

Who will be the Super Champs? Tammy Brady or Eli Manning? Its your choice

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