Spuffle Is Back!

Hey guys, Parker here and Spuffle the cpps, is back and better than ever! Also it has already been up for about 2 weeks. So register now to get your beta hat! The register on this cpps is allot different and unique because it’s just like club penguin. When you are about to play, click create penguin and fill out your info. Then, to prevent spammers, iFlexs has made an email activation system so you have to activate it just like in real cp! But not to worry, Roman is not on the team anymore. But I might be soon! Join the Adix Army by private messaging iFlexs on Rile5.us/forums. The Adix Army is like a training for mods and staff. At the end if you get enough points, you are able to get mod! But remember, you have to be accepted first!

Play: http://www.spuffle.me/play/

Home: http://www.spuffle.me

Make sure to check it out!

~ Parker

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