Calling All Users For Help On UP

(Even If you don’t play UP, your support would be appreciated)

Okay, There is this horrible staff member on UP named Sakura. She can’t stop S%^t Stirring and causing trouble with me. This is really putting me down and I can’t take it anymore. She blames it all on me.

If you could help get her fired – I would appreciate it. Here is some of the things you should do to help me (Even if your not on UP)

  • PC Indulgentu on about the incident
  • PM him on his Rile5 profile about this incident Profile
  • Contact him on Skype his name is iPencil (Indulgentu)
  • Any other way of reporting Sakura would be appreciated


Have a great day, And I hope with your help it can be sorted!

Problem solved – Nevermind 😉 

– Blue

About Blue

:3 I play CPPS's and i'm mod on alot of them :)
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4 Responses to Calling All Users For Help On UP

  1. AllTechDude says:

    How about hack uCP and remove her mod…

  2. SixTorch says:

    Hmm, This reminds me of a old “friend” on another website called Sakura sounds like the one above :/

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