Making a private server

Hey people,Mark here once again.

I’m making a private server,and I hope it’s successful,cause my other one that was recently up,was shut down since I had to change my PC and all the client files and my source was extracted to my recent PC,so I had to shut it down forever.

But know,I have downloaded all the things I needed,it’s not done yet though,I’m finding a good source for it.




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3 Responses to Making a private server

  1. stompbob1 says:

    May I be a main owner with you in your wonderful CPPS? I have great responsability!
    I hope I get chosen! 😀

    Reply to the comment or just send me an email to say if i’m accepted or not!


    Waddle On!
    ~Stomp 😀

  2. Blue says:

    Hii :3 I applied to be Admin on it

  3. Owzy says:

    I got an email that I was invited to this site. So what can i do if i’m a contributor?

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