OpenCP servers is under attack

Hi people,this is a breaking news!Remember the hoax long time ago,well.It turned out to be fake,this was Flappi’s commit suicide note:

  1. Hello, everyone. Penguins, CPPS owners and just anyone else who’s reading
  2. this.
  3. You all may (or may not) know me as the “uncle” of CPPSes. I am the creator
  4. of OpenCPv1, OpenCPv2 and Penguin Safari. You all use my source all the
  5. time. But do I get any form of credit or appreciation from it? Nope. The
  6. best I get is having my shoe spat on by idiotic pengfags which quite a lot
  7. of CPPS creators are.
  8. I get no appreciation for any of my work. You all spit at my feet. You all
  9. abuse my creations. I’ve gotten lawsuits, suspension from school, void of
  10. GCSEs and important exams, a criminal record and much more for your CPPSes.
  11. As I write this, I am preparing to end my life. I don’t want this miserable
  12. thing to continue. I’m no more than a waste of space. I was put on this
  13. Earth for no reason, and I will leave without ever accomplishing anything.
  14. So, by the time you’ve all read this, I should be dead now. As I am a Roman
  15. Catholic, I will go to hell for taking my own life, but it doesn’t matter as
  16. long as all of you get to keep your CPPSes. When I’m dead, all of the legal
  17. responsibility for CPPSes will be pointed at a dead person. You can’t sue
  18. someone who’s not alive, it’s not possible.
  19. If any of you wish to ask me any questions, it’s too late, but ask someone
  20. like HyperDude120 or Paul Cote. They know me, and could probably predict
  21. what I would say.
  22. Thanks again for taking all of my stuff and credit, and spitting on my feet.
  23. I appreciate it.
  24. Flappi282
    You might also know me as: James, ZKid, Lobby, limera1n, FlashPlayer11
Well,it turned out FAKE!
And then Hyperdude170 got involved about this hoax,so he tells Flappi to destroy OpenCP servers,don’t believe me?See for your self.:
 [5/11/11 4:08:16 PM] Hyperdude120: Nah, Flappi and I are behind this all. We want OpenCP CPPSes dead.
Know,this Skype message is a illegal copyright,so rights reserved to


Waddle on and meet new friends!,

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2 Responses to OpenCP servers is under attack

  1. Akhbar says:

    Yeah, we all found out this was fake months ago…

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