Why CPPSHQ is hacked.

It has come today that we should all be a the CPPSC because of the most known internet hacker in the world called Anonymous. Anonymous has hacked CPPS Cheats and tips before but luckily Fugi7 deleted him. We will figure this out at the CPPSC. Anonymous also hacked Fox and Facebook. Here is Their message,                                                                Link-http://pastebin.com/SvUJCbbY

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17 Responses to Why CPPSHQ is hacked.

  1. angie says:

    Anonymous isn’t the most known hacker in the world. If he was, he would’nt be hacking CPPS’s now would he? He did not hack Facebook or Fox.

  2. Nihalic says:

    The Batz are gonna kill them

  3. Mark says:

    Anonymous are smart,they have hacked the Sony PlayStation3 console,and know they are attacking us?Well,facts are,why would Anonymous hack us,were just a small community,like,seriously,they are now affecting us,have we ever seen CPPSHQ in CNN?No,right?Have we ever seen us in a famous place,well,certainly not,so anyway,Anonymous,leave us alone and attack something that’s a huge community,instead of us,please Anonymous.


  4. Akhbar says:

    Anonymous did’nt hack Sony PlayStation, if they could hack things like that, they would be hacking money and more important accounts, not Penguins.

  5. Mark says:

    I know what hackers do, and how, but i am not one. I think it spoils the games. If you need more info or anything then join the CM.


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  7. Like a boss says:

    It was cppsvault!(AKA penguinvault)

    ~I Troll like a BOSS~

  8. SNTATREE says:

    They are like Taking over.
    IDK but i think dis is clubpenguin/disney hacking this.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys,just to let you know that Anonymous sucks,we are cowards,we love to suck cocks,I love going to helixstudios.com since there cocks are hella long,so yeah,bye!

  10. Spike says:

    Bunch of wannabes in Anonymous if you ask me…

  11. ryanway says:

    u hanked my fucken ultimatepenguin

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