Upcoming CPPS: Penguin Strobe

There is an upcoming CPPS called Penguin Strobe. You might remember it as CpDisco. They changed the name because of hackers.

This CPPS needs someone that is willing to code. If you are an experienced coder, and you are willing to code for Penguin Strobe, e-mail the owner of Penguin Strobe at anthony.danko@yahoo.com.

Website: http://penguinstrobe.wordpress.com/

Penguin Strobe Chat: http://www.xat.com/PenguinStrobe

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4 Responses to Upcoming CPPS: Penguin Strobe

  1. Nihalic says:

    I rock at coding :):D I can help

    • Simple says:

      Thank you so much! I also have to ask you one more question. Can you make the whole CPPS? I will make you owner on Penguin Strobe, and I will make any header you want me to make for you. I can also make you staff on Penguin Fire, Snowy Side Penguin, and Penguin Polar.

      Please e-mail me with a reply at mman335@yahoo.com

      -Simple, co-owner of Penguin Strobe

  2. iStorm says:

    I like the new banner!

  3. Nihalic says:

    Ill make the whole thing SImple

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