RaTe’s new CPPS!

Hey, my new CPPS is finally out! It’s called ArcticFreeze! I have a link for the site which has all the links on it:






~RaTe :3


PS: Romtoc is going to be a mod.








About Makarov

I am Makarov, I own CPPSHQ.net.
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4 Responses to RaTe’s new CPPS!

  1. Simple says:

    Hello, my name is Simple. I would like to be a Staff Leader or admin on Arctic Freeze. I would be a great Staff Leader/admin because I am friendly, I have proper grammar, and I am experienced with CPPSes. I am staff on a lot of CPPSes, including Penguin Strobe, Penguin Fire, Ocean Penguin, AiCP, Snowy Side Penguin, Penguin Fly and Shocker Penguin.

    I am also a very experienced designer. Here’s a logo I made for Arctic Freeze: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i413/celtics129/arcticfreeze.png

    E-mail me at mman335@yahoo.com


  2. Nihalic says:

    I got and idea for this cpps RaTe u could make a radio!

  3. Dylanfitz says:

    Hey RaTe could I be a mod?

  4. Bigfoot49211 says:

    hi rate! i would like to apply for mod, or staff leader. i am a well known mod/staff leader on ALOT of cppses, including : Penguin Force, Atlantic Penguin, OpenCP, and a few others ;D
    Thax, BYE
    (ps i would be longer/better, but i am in a rush xD)


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