New CPPS coming soon!

Hello all,


I am happy to announce that Royal Penguin is coming back! This new server is going to be epic. It is called Royal Penguin v2! In RPv2 we have intelligent staff and much more! Look for it around August 17th, 2011.I will give out links and everything. If you would like to be a staff member, comment on this post about your strengths, your username in-game and anything else!


~RaTe :3

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6 Responses to New CPPS coming soon!

  1. iStorm says:

    Since when did Dazz like you again a week ago he told me that you left RP and that you should never of been staff! This is weird…

  2. DazzardX says:

    Like now? xD I done wrong to him and I apologize for it..


    • iStorm says:

      ok, lol sorry RaTe!

      oh yeah ummm,

      dazzard hows the coding for penguin cross

      • DazzardX says:

        Going great… I’m testing out iCPro3 Source or what you called as Spuffle source and if i accomplished adding features immediately, I will start on coding Penguin Cross tom. if Chris is on -Dazz

  3. iStorm says:

    I call it iCPro3 because its really its real name lol RPv2 runs on a custom iCPro3 right?

  4. dancingboys says:

    plz add my cpps

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