Penguin Galaxy

Hey Guys, Dazz here,

You know me I’m a busy person helping others at there cpps and also i have school so I will be away for the next 5 days and will be back in weekends to bring you more cpps updates!

Anyways…I have found another CPPS, I’m currently the Co-Owner in it since the Owner knows me well and trusted me. Its in VPS and it has custom rooms! so come to this CPPS and enjoy the space in a CPPS!

Penguin Galaxy : Play :Register :Home/Blog

Enjoy the CPPS!

DazzardX signing out..

About DazzardX

I'm an Owner of and, the #1 source of BlackHAT and Hacking Tools and Programs for a costless price.
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One Response to Penguin Galaxy

  1. Admiral Pen says:

    i went to register it said Access forbidden

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