Royal Penguin Re-Update

Hey Guys, DazzardX here,

I thought PEv2 will be a success for me but it turns out…it isnt the best source i used, so im changing back to my old source or find a new better one.Why does PEv2 isnt the best? because when i use it there is a weird glitch that says Penguin Not Found and when i try It shows me the interface w/ empty room and i need to refresh all the time just to make it work.


About DazzardX

I'm an Owner of and, the #1 source of BlackHAT and Hacking Tools and Programs for a costless price.
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4 Responses to Royal Penguin Re-Update

  1. iBlaine says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could maybe help with my cpps…. Well, I don’t care if it is on Hamachi. You can also use any source. My link is I hope you can help! I will pay you 25$ also, you can add me on it is like facebook, twitter, etc. you should try it out.. Thanks!


  2. dylanfitz1 says:

    im sorry that website copied my hacking note so no we will not make your cpps

  3. iBlaine says:

    I am sorry if that DID hack, I did not put that note however, my worker “SnowKing” did please forgive me 😦

  4. Dazzardx says:

    I can make your cpps if you buy a VPS, talk to me at Skype my Skype name is dazzardxcpps and i will be online on weekends.


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