Staff list (updated)

Ok, before I get to the point I would like to say that me (hyena) has changed my name to Alaka. (my real name)

So don’t get that mixed up. Now, recently Shawty1 has fired people and most of them of been re-hired, (including me).

This list is on the staff list also, from that has been updated. Please note that these are the authors from this site.

Creator: Dylan fitz

Owners: Shawty1, Shaun fitz, DazzardX, Fugi7

Co-Owners: Alaka, Rop89, Chris (iTech),Nihalic

Editors: Scottec1

Designers: Dylan fitz, testvillecpps (Romtoc)

Authors: None Currently

Sorry for the confusion. And if you would to to apply for any author positions you may post you

comment on the “Authors” page.


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