Some facts about TestVille…

Hello readers, Romtoc here!

Many of you like TestVille, and we had 405 registrations in one week, so I decided to write here, on CPPS Cheats and Tips some interesting facts about this game:

  • Rookie is one of our mascots. He may also be seen waddling arround as “Blowsight”
  • If you see a penguin with the name Gary, Sensei, Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, Romtoc, Matei, The King, it may be me ! (check for the owner badge)
  • We are using OpenCP, but we are using an exploit-free version modified by me.
  • We have a lot of custom commands.
  • Extra server functions were added
  • We don’t use a VPS! I host it with an Excito B3 Home Server
  • We started as a secret CPPS! Dylanfitz was the first beta tester. He has the ID 16!
  • We have custom rooms, all drew/designed by me.
  • We have a webclient! (duh)
  • I am trying to create a Mobile Device client, to play TestVille on your phone/GPS/iPad/iPhone/Music Player.
  • We have more than 50 undercover moderators. They look like normal players, but they have secret powers
  • The not-so-secret moderators are: Romtoc, Florin, Otilia, Dylanfitz, Blowsight, jojojonica, Nicusor, and many others.

Hope you liked this info! Stay tuned for more!


Web Client:



About Matei Dumitru

Hi! My name is Matei. I am the former owner of a popular Club Penguin private server.
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18 Responses to Some facts about TestVille…

  1. Shawty1 says:

    Hey since i’m staff on here can i be mod? If you make me mod i will make you a owner on Penguin Life. My user is Shawty1Rock

  2. Dazzardx says:

    Can i be Undercover mod or just mod? I’m staff in this cpps blog and always adore TestVille i can’t catch you online but I always play Test Ville. I’m having my own problem with my cpps can you help me get swf or icons. My username is DazzardX.

    Thank you,

  3. TheBoss says:

    Can you make TheBoss to a mod?
    its me please i really want to be a mod

  4. Dazzardx says:

    Thanks, ok your secret is safe.


  5. Dazzardx says:

    Can you add me now? I’m now on TestVille! 😀 – In Town

  6. Shawty1 says:

    Romtoc can i be a undercover mod? Please my user is Shawty1Rock

  7. Owzy says:

    Please re-leader me romtoc. I promise I will not abuse and I will be responsable. I’m also making a cpps with Justin and Ill make you leader.

  8. Vise Grip says:

    Wouldnt let me reigster with the name “Vise Grip”

  9. Jackson says:

    Owzy or Remtoc can i be a leader or mod ur CPPS ur making or on test ville 😮 ive been helping ppl all day on test ville 😮 PLZ

    • Romtoc says:

      1: With this grammar, you will never become a leader or mod
      2: I am not making a CPPS with Owzy.
      3: If you want to type “TestVille”, type it “TestVille”, not “test ville”
      4: We just fired all the mods. We don’t want to hire new ones.

  10. Mail4 says:

    Test Ville isn’t working for me!!!!

  11. coolman12 says:

    can i be a mod or a under cover mod? my user is coolman12. and i really hoping to become one of those.

  12. RomToc001 says:

    Hey Romtoc it`s me RomToc001,
    I was wondering if I could become a mod? I even have 5 reason why you should let me be mod:
    1. Because my spelling has gotten better!
    2. Im very good in school which means i will follow the rules and listen to any higher ranks.
    3. I will be on everyday between 10am – 12am(midnight).
    4. I don`t swear…..and i will be a very good moderator.
    5. I have improved my attitude, spelling and I am very reliable, so if you need me for anything im there.

    Hopefully I will be accepted!

    Thank you,
    ~ RomToc001 ~

  13. MochaDoll says:

    Can I be a mod? 😀 My username is sunnypiio1

  14. LNABITY says:

    HEY CAN I be a mod or owner

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