New CPPS I Royal Penguin

Hey guys, DazzardX here,

Kuz and Me are making CPPS called Royal Penguin, it is a medieval-themed CPPS and for now, its private only to staffs and Staff’s friends because of threat in hacking. Royal Penguin register page is up but we will still fixed it and later Kuz and Me will make play page and releases later. If your interested in playing Royal Penguin, i must know you well before I trust you to play our CPPS. We are not accepting anymore staffs, we are full of it and please don’t ask you can earn it but don’t ask.

-This Post will be updated later after release.


UPDATE: IT’S FINALLY RELEASE! to all interested to play and register, add me at dazzardxcpps at skype or go to and ask me Hamaichi details and links. For now, we are on Staff Test! So come now!

ALL CPPS Cheats and Tips CPPS Blog Staffs can come!

About DazzardX

I'm an Owner of and, the #1 source of BlackHAT and Hacking Tools and Programs for a costless price.
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19 Responses to New CPPS I Royal Penguin

  1. Shawty1 says:

    I am gonna Staff Test at 3:00.

  2. Shawty1 says:

    Oh and can you make the Penguin Life CPPS for me? If you do you will be an Owner on Penguin Life (My CPPS)

  3. scottiec1 says:

    can i come whats the link.


  4. dylanfitz1 says:

    dazzard i’m mood right

  5. dylanfitz1 says:

    can someone register for me

  6. Dazzardx says:

    Hi Everyone, thank you for your wonderful comments of course all Staff members of CPPS cheats and tips can come but go here and I will tell you all details.


  7. dylanfitz1 says:

    dude could you do something else like email me cause im not aloud on xat

  8. Dazzardx says:

    Yes i can details will be told now, RPenguin and Pass is 123 it’s in Hamaichi and also link

  9. dylanfitz1 says:

    I don’t have hamachi and i can’t install it until this friday

    • Chris(iTech) says:

      Dylan your already a Moderator and Infact I Upgraded your rank into Head Moderator keep up the good work

  10. Dazzardx says:

    I can make you mod, but work hard ok?

  11. dylanfitz1 says:

    i dont have himachi please tell me when you have a vps

  12. Dazzardx says:

    Ok sure Dylan, anyone who can give us VPS will be Owner.


  13. Joeman says:

    im a coder? Right?

  14. Dazzardx says:

    Yes Joeman, we need more commands and swf’s of clothing and many more. Can you help us get some?


  15. Joeman says:

    i can make u custom rooms, maybe item, and !Up DazX

  16. Dazzardx says:

    Ok thanks Joeman, but all custom rooms, items are Medieval and also it would be nice if you add :up DazzardX


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