Penguin Portal

Hey, DazzardX here,

It’s been a long time since i write my last post because of someone hacked our blog and I noticed that posting  is rarely done rather than the time our blog is not hacked. Anyway, I’m here to write a post about iRyan and my friend, Kuz new CPPS called Penguin Portal. I’t uses JdevStudio Source or PengCP if that’s what I know and for now it is in Hamaichi so many users need to download Hamaichi until they get VPS soon. Penguin Portal also has cool commands like, :addall, :log and many more.The fun part is that it doesn’t have a bot seen so when you use :id a pop-up message come out and says your id. So just try this cool CPPS for yourself!


Hamaichi Details:

Network ID: PPortal

Password: 123

Pictures: Stay tuned!

-DazzardX signing out…

About DazzardX

I'm an Owner of and, the #1 source of BlackHAT and Hacking Tools and Programs for a costless price.
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9 Responses to Penguin Portal

  1. dylanfitz1 says:

    Whats your blogs link?

  2. Dazzardx says:

    This one, I don’t make blogs.


  3. dylanfitz1 says:

    ok and can you get a shoutbox like

  4. Dazzardx says:

    Ok I will make one.


  5. dylanfitz1 says:

    you need to put it on the side

  6. Dazzardx says:

    I can’t, you didn’t invite me to be owner I can’t edit it. You can do it I will send you instructions


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