New CPPS Made Bye Me!

CP For Real Has Just Came Out! It Was Made Bye Fugi7 And rock man27.

Play: Click Here

Register: Click Here

To Rop89 And iVodz, I Told You!

~ Fugi7

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10 Responses to New CPPS Made Bye Me!

  1. Shawty1 says:

    Your the owner? If your owner can i be staff?

  2. dylanfitz1 says:

    Hey fugi could I be a owner on it?

  3. Rop89 says:

    Haha, lol. Nice to know Fugi7. Great job, I am surprised you accomplished this. Anyway, I have been watching your work quietly, and I have noticed you are not that bad a blogging. Anyway, I was wondering. If you wanted your job back, I am happy to offer it to you. Doubt your take it. Any way peace out.

    Decent Blog by the way, keep up the good work guys 😀

  4. dylanfitz1 says:

    Thanks Rop I just need a good header and a good background. Do you know how to make good headers for mac?

  5. Shawty1 says:

    Well look at the Back Up header and background. It looks pretty cool. I made the header and background in the back up.
    Shawty1 Away!

  6. dylanfitz1 says:

    No for this blog shawty

  7. dylanfitz1 says:

    and I will be changing that background

  8. Owzy says:

    Can I be an admin? I’m famous and was a staff on 7 cpps.I would like to be an admin on this 1. Looks fun.

  9. Beta Ninja says:

    you said i could be staff leader

  10. Shawty1 says:

    @Owzy Sure i need your email. But not admin because its full so your gonna be Editor.

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