New Rule

Hey guys Dylan fitz here and there is a new rule on this blog. If you are staff and you don’t post within a week you will be fired. Since we have been hacked our population or stats have rosed hugly. Adliest 200 a day record 323 so thats great. Lastly there might be a new CPPS called iCPv20. I don’t think it’s going to get made very well because i’m not paying for a VPS and I can’t get himachi for a little. So if you want it to get made goto We need a Main Owner to pay for VPS if you don’t want himachi and non-Public.

-Dylan fitz

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3 Responses to New Rule

  1. Shawty1 says:

    iVodz didn’t post even DazzardX and Sevensail. Are they fired?
    Shawty1 Away!

  2. dylanfitz1 says:

    no because it hasn’t been a week because we strted this rule yesterday and where keeping ivodz you just go on penguin club and say your still admin on this blog

  3. dylanfitz1 says:

    do you know how to make headers?

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