One Less Hacker!

The Other Day I Was Talking To iSnow, And He Is Part Of The Grizzlies! One Of The Owners Actually! Here Are Some Pics I Got!

In The Second And Third Picture, It Shows The Members And Leaders. But In The First Picture iSnow Says To Add Them Back Or Else They Will Delete Our Files. But We All Thought That The Grizzlies Hacked iSnow But iSnow Is Actually A Leader Of The Grizzlies And Was Doing That Just To Get Popular And Be Feared.

~ Fugi7

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One Response to One Less Hacker!

  1. Shawty1 says:

    Dude look at the post i made called TEAM-UP! Delete iSnow and beat up the hackers? Ok?
    Shawty1 Away!

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