New CPPS TestVille

Hey, Today I Found A New CPPS! It’s Called TestVille




Im Staff Leader:

~ Fugi7

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27 Responses to New CPPS TestVille

  1. Shawty1 says:

    I am playing it.

  2. AuntArctic says:

    Hi I’m Aunt Arctic and I have been a mod/admin and mascot on all CPPSes! Can I be a mod on it? I CAN HELP!

  3. jarockjr. says:

    hi can i be a mod i can help plzzz

  4. jarockjr. says:

    not forever just lik a day r month plz 😦

  5. Stilton58910 says:

    hey romtoc, can you post a secret room id list from test ville here?

  6. lolo40060 says:

    Whats this room id ?

  7. zachary1234e says:

    fugi7 be my buddy and make me mod!! I will listen to u!!!

  8. Sam says:

    hi Romtoc (i have been on Testville) and just want to say i have seen remember that penguin named Coolman232 well that was me and i clicked on you and it had a box so i clicked on the box and you gave me a black bowtie (just saying)

    Sincerrly Sam

  9. omid says:

    umm romtoc just saying i play iCCPS and i play real cp i used to play testville now i dont

  10. max23976 says:

    oi gente eu sou novo e eu queria jogar,mais nao sei como me registrar nem como jogar quando eu passo o mouse na palavra register nao aparece a seta pra eu clicar vocês poderiam me ajudar

  11. phil32101 says:

    can i be a mod? im a new player and LOVES this already and do what ever it takes to be a mod on this game.

  12. epic123123 says:

    I love how everyone here seems to not understand that you should EARN staff or Donate… God, Romtoc, These people don’t read correct do they, ”NO ASKING FOR STAFF” is a rule…

  13. XD Random says:

    I cant get on to TestVille =_= HEEELPP MEEEE

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